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IIS Training Hub

The IIS Learning Hub offers trainings, learning solutions and resources for public health staff and partners supporting and using immunization information systems (IIS). These resources cover basic and advanced topics to supplement your IIS training and orientation.

For a more complete suite of in-depth resources related to IIS, see the American Immunization Registry Association (AIRA) resource repository. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also makes available information on IIS.

Hit the ground running by learning the basics of IIS.

Welcome to IIS Email Course

Email course

This free, 18-day email course is intended to get you up to speed on all things IIS: what they are, how they work, and how they’re supported. 

IIS fundamentals eLearning modules and quick reference guides

Register for this free set of courses. 

This bundled course collection builds a fundamental understanding of essential topics for IIS staff through the following modules:

Interoperability for IIS

The fundamentals of data exchange between IIS and other systems. Download quick interoperability reference guides:

HL7 for IIS

Learn about a fundamental building block for interoperability between IIS and other systems: the HL7 standard. Download quick HL7 reference guides:

Data Quality for IIS

An introduction to data quality dimensions and strategies. Download quick data quality reference guides:

IIS history spotlights

Download all spotlights.

This series of historical spotlights tells stories from the history of IIS through the lens of different key themes:

Designed to build on the fundamentals, these specialized trainings take a deeper dive into special topics.

Immunization Evaluation & Forecasting (coming soon!)

This 30-minute online lesson helps IIS staff at all levels interact with their forecasting systems or functionality to enable them to better troubleshoot user questions, onboard providers, advocate for systems changes, and work with vendors. 

Advanced HL7 for IIS

Building on the fundamentals courses, Advanced HL7 for IIS offers a deeper dive into how HL7 works. Those involved in interoperability will find this particularly useful, exploring conformance, constraints and message profiles, and will leave the course with a better understanding of how the Implementation Guide constrains the HL7 standard.


IIS Operations Tools (coming soon!)

This collection of actionable tools and templates is designed to support you in day-to-day operational tasks related to managing and supporting your IIS. Providing concrete guidance on stakeholder analysis, project management, tracking requirements, training, testing, staffing and more, these tools simplify and assist in your support of day-to-day operations of IIS.

Defining Functional Requirements for Immunization Information Systems

This resource contains the products of three workgroup sessions that were held to collaboratively and rigorously define the full range of important IIS functions. This detailed documentation for 17 such business processes is intended to establish best practice for how an IIS should function in an increasingly eHealth world. 


IIS Procurement Toolkit (coming soon!)

Adhere to best practices in the procurement process to help your IIS program improve performance and sustainability. Information technology procurements are often complex, both technically and legally, and require thoughtful planning and lots of lead time. The guidance in this toolkit can help you to avoid frustrating, time-consuming and even costly missteps.

IIS Migration Toolkit (coming soon!) 

This toolkit provides a roadmap to guide you through an IIS platform migration or other large-scale IT project. Leverage project management best practices and dozens of tested tools to direct the process, save time and ensure project success. Access tools by chronological project phase or by topic area.

CMS 90-10 Funding Toolkit

Work with your Medicaid Program to secure CMS 90-10 funding.


IIS Workforce Classifications

These nine sample role descriptions and a related competency domain model are intended to provide guidance for identifying staffing needs and subsequent recruiting for immunization information systems.

Applied Public Health Informatics Competency Model

This competency model frames the knowledge, skills and abilities that public health practitioners need to address the informatics challenges at their agencies. The framework encompasses informatics–related responsibilities across a health department, and it is not meant to be specific to informaticians or other staff whose primary responsibilities fall under informatics.

Delve into lessons learned from the world of IIS through the personal stories of projects and people working in the immunization space.


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Therese Hoyle on the informatics behind immunizations (2017) 

In this episode, Therese Hoyle, longtime veteran of immunization information systems (IIS), shares her perspectives on the early days of IIS and how technology has transformed public health systems.

Minnesota success story: working toward health equity using information systems (2016)

Sudha Setty of the Minnesota Immunization Information Connection joins the podcast to explain how she and her colleagues used IIS data to identify and bridge vaccination coverage gaps for Somali-Americans.

Exploring immunization information systems with Mary Beth Kurilo (2016)

Oregon state IIS veteran and AIRA leader Mary Beth Kurilo joins the podcast to explain how state information systems keep the U.S. population healthy and vaccinated.

Mary Beth Kurilo’s professional path (2016)

On this bonus episode of PHII's podcast, Mary Beth Kurilo returns to the podcast to share her own professional story and explain what led her to the world of immunization information systems.


Launching a new immunization information system in Oklahoma (2016)

This blog describes PHII's collaboration with the state of Oklahoma to support the development and rollout of their new IIS.

Challenges and changes: preparing a new generation of IIS managers (2016) 

Each year, PHII hosts training for new immunization information system managers under CDC funding; this blog describes the 2016 training, and explains why the work of IIS managers is foundational to good population health.

AIRA, immunization and public health’s “moon mission" (2015)

PHII's former director Dave Ross (now president of the Task Force for Global Health) describes his experience keynoting AIRA's 2015 national meeting and reflects on his years with the IIS community.

Lending a hand to IIS managers, the unsung heroes of immunization records (2014)

This blog describes the first year of PHII's CDC-funded IIS manager training.


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