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Training is a key component of change management. With any system change, whether a migration to a new platform, adoption of a new module or enhancement, users need to be prepared for a new way of interacting with the system. Training prepares users to interact with the new platform correctly, efficiently and effectively.

Training tool downloads

Develop a robust training plan approach and strategy

Use this tool to map out a high-level training approach, training strategies and key inputs to a training plan. 

Document planned training activities

A training plan is a detailed description of how training will occur. A training plan is a place for comprehensive documentation of the program’s approach, strategy and specific plans for training users to support the execution of training activities.

Review training responsibilities across roles

A clear division of roles and responsibilities is needed to ensure smooth and effective system training. Sample training responsibilities across IIS roles, both before and after system go-live, can guide programs in understanding their own staff responsibilities.

Create personas to inform training design and delivery

Learner personas are fictional characters developed to represent a particular user group. The development of personas promotes a user-centric perspective to inform training requirements and activities when a system change is planned.

Design action-oriented training to support goals

“Action mapping” is a technique to ensure that learning resources serve the needs of the targeted training audience. This worksheet can assist in mapping out potential training topics and objectives.