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Typically, each individual immunization program is responsible for validating that a new system it deploys is working smoothly and fulfills all documented requirements. User testing ensures that the new platform's functionality is working as intended. This step of the migration process provides the opportunity to identify bugs, bottlenecks and other points of possible improvements before the platform goes live.

Testing tool downloads

Review program testing responsibilities across roles

A clear division of roles and responsibilities is needed to ensure smooth user acceptance testing (UAT) execution. This table lists sample user acceptance testing roles and responsibilities across IIS program roles.

Plan for and test HL7

A critical task of IIS platform migration is to decide how to manage and test the transition from the HL7 interfaces with the existing platform to the new one. This document will guide you through the planning and execute phases of HL7 interface transition as it relates to migrating to a new IIS platform.

Test business rules in key HL7 functionality

The sample HL7 messages included in this workbook can be used to test key HL7 functionality, including deletes, updates, refusals, immunity, NDC codes and lot decrementing. Testing the messages provided in this workbook can help a program identify business rules embedded within the interface functionality.