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Data cleansing and migration

When migrating from one platform to another, preserving the integrity of existing data so that no information is lost during the transition to the new system is a crucial step. This step entails taking action to “clean” the data in your current system and to make an effective, actionable plan for migrating and validating data in the new platform.

Data cleansing, migration and validation tool downloads

Key questions and considerations throughout the data migration process

This sample process flow diagram depicts key steps in preparing for and executing the migration of data from one system to another, in this case from one IIS to another as part of an IIS platform migration.

Assess the quality of data elements and identify opportunities for improvement

This worksheet lists core IIS data elements for consideration in an IIS platform migration. The worksheet provides an opportunity to review the current state of the data element and consider how the quality of the data element can be improved pre-migration, during migration and post-migration.