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Forming Partnerships

Project Charter Template

A sample template to create a project charter.

Stakeholder Analysis Matrix

Conducting a stakeholder analysis is critical to projects because it impacts communications planning and helps identify all those who will be influenced by your agency’s activities. This tool shares a model stakeholder analysis matrix and detailed instructions to create your own.

Understanding Provider Concerns

Some health care organizations may have concerns about partnering as data suppliers due to associated costs for staff, vendor fees, etc. Understanding Provider Concerns helps planners adjust their procedures to accommodate such concerns.

Identifying Actors and Goals

This tool helps planners identify who are the actors, or primary stakeholders, in the surveillance program and what their roles and responsibilities are.

Defining System Roles and Responsibilities

Defining and assigning roles when planning for a surveillance system is essential to ensuring team members are clear on expectations.

Data Governance and Data Sharing Agreements

This resource summarizes information found in the article, “Data Governance and Data Sharing Agreements for Community-Wide Health Information Exchange: Lessons from the Beacon Communities.” It provides direction on dealing with data governance issues.