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The Implications of Google Flu Trends for Public Health

Applications like Google Flu Trends can and will use data to speak to citizen’s health concerns.

Social Media and the Future of Public Health

Researchers all over the world are beginning to explore when and how people respond to the use of social media for communications regarding various types of public health issues.

A Brief Look at the Year Ahead from Healthcare Informatics

I encourage you to review a new article from Healthcare Informatics highlighting key points from the Health IT Committee meeting that took place earlier this month.

Dr. Joseph Gibson on the Importance of Informatics

I encourage you to check out a recent post on NACCHO's ePublic Health blog, “What is informatics, and why should I care?”

2012 Word of the Year: Big Data

Geoffrey Nunberg, a noted linguist and professor at UC Berkeley's School of Information, recently offered his thoughts on the word of the year.

The Cyberterrorism Threat

Regardless of the outcome of today's election, I hope the issue of cyberterrorism receives more political attention over the next four years.

LawAtlas: Tracking the Laws of Public Health

Public health informatics is about information informing action, and nowhere is that linkage more clear than in the way the law is used as a public health intervention.

Improving Health Outcomes with Digital Technology

If you’re interested in how digital technology can be used to improve health outcomes, I would encourage you to read the Institute of Medicine’s workshop summary Digital Data Improvement Priorities for Continuous Learning in Health and Health Care.

The Challenge of Viruses

If you missed it, there's a good opinion piece in Sunday's New York Times that explains the challenge of viruses present.

NACCHO Launches New Public Health Informatics Blog

I wanted to direct your attention to NACCHO's new blog, ePublic Health Talks, which promises to be a welcome addition to the online conversation about public health informatics.