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PHII welcomes Godfrey Nyombi of the Young African Leadership Initiative

This month, the Public Health Informatics Institute welcomes Godfrey Nyombi to a seven-week internship with PHII.

Dave Fleming departs leadership role in Washington State

Dave Fleming, public health icon and innovator, stepped down this week from his long-held position as the Director of Public Health for Seattle and King County.

Bill Brand recognized for leadership in e-health

It is with great pleasure and pride that I congratulate my longtime friend and colleague Bill Brand on his recent award from the Commissioner of Health in Minnesota.

Lending a hand to IIS managers, the unsung heroes of immunization records

The CDC, recognizing the need for further support and enrichment for IIS managers across the country, reached out to PHII with the request that we design a training program for newer hires.

Thoughts from my Keeneland Conference keynote

Recently, I presented the keynote address at the 2014 Keeneland Conference, which this year had the theme, “building the evidence base for public health practice and policy."

PHII names a new Director of the Informatics Academy

PHII is pleased to welcome Sarah Gilbert as the new Director of the Informatics Academy.

Adventures with InVenture: PHII’s intern takes on sanitation design

PHII is delighted to congratulate our intern, Jasmine Burton, on her recent success in the InVenture Prize Competition.

The AIDS-free generation: PHII’s role in Obama’s HIV/AIDS global health policy

A recent report from the CSIS Global Health Policy Center does an excellent job of summarizing President Obama’s global health policy, particularly around HIV/AIDS.

Taking the World AIDS Day challenge: on the ground in Mozambique

In 2011, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced one theme for all World AIDS Days through 2015: “Getting to zero."

Field photo roundup

PHII works on projects domestically and around the world, from Minnesota to Botswana. Our staff is tasked with building information capacity to improve global health outcomes in these areas.