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Electronic health records, population health management and public health

In the midst of a culture change in American health care, information use, as opposed to information technology, lies at the center.

Podcast: Dave Ross on data sharing and informatics success stories

In the newest episode of “Inform Me, Informatics,” Dave Ross returns to chat about key topics in informatics and share success stories.

The business of building robust public health systems

Public health is generally not considered part of the conversation when discussing businesses.

Podcast: Dave Ross on his journey from rocket science to informatics

Today marks the release of the first ever episode of “Inform Me, Informatics,” PHII's podcast all about public health informatics.

PHII welcomes new CHAMPS CIO Tim Morris

Just in time for information-driven project CHAMPS to kick off in earnest, the new Chief Information Officer has come on board.

“Infor-what-ics?”: Communications challenges of an emerging field

Even within the field of public health, defining the concept of "informatics" and its value continues to be a difficult task.

Uniting individual and community health as a single concept

Measurements of health tell us about our health status and signal the performance measurement standards needed to improve quality of care in the U.S.

The role of data in the fight against NTDs

Neglected tropical diseases affect a billion people worldwide. Learn how we're harnessing data to fight back.

Information system lessons found in nature

Biology offers some useful lessons to all of us in structuring effective information systems.

Bridging the gap in hearing loss intervention with data

One of the most common birth defects in the U.S. is hearing loss.