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Filling in the blanks: communicating public health informatics

Informatics touches nearly every area of public health, but communicating the value of the discipline presents its own challenges.

Podcast: Whatcom County’s journey toward becoming an informatics-savvy health department

Nicole Willis of Whatcom County Health Department joins the podcast to share her agency's path to becoming an informatics-savvy health department.

Honoring the life and work of Dr. Claire Loe

The Public Health Informatics Institute mourns the recent passing of Dr. Claire Loe, friend, artist and lifelong health advocate.

Podcast: Minnesota’s e-health initiative and informatics in action at the local level

In this episode of the podcast, Cathy Gagné walks listeners through Minnesota's e-health roadmap.

Podcast: Vivian Singletary on informatics and "One Public Health"

In this podcast episode, Vivian Singletary talks about some of her favorite past informatics projects and the future of the field.

PHII welcomes new Senior Instructional Technologist

PHII’s Informatics Academy is building a team of people enthusiastic about advancing education and training through technology.

Podcast: Chicago's demonstration project for STI electronic case reporting

In this episode, Chicago's Cristal Simmons and Marion Tseng talk about how electronic case reporting has helped improve STI surveillance.

PHII welcomes new Senior Informatics Analyst

PHII is pleased to welcome Nosipho Beaufort on board as a Senior Informatics Analyst.

The next generation of electronic death registration systems

Accurate reporting of deaths in the U.S. is important for legal reasons, personal reasons and for state and national mortality statistics.