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Podcast: A Conversation with Dr. Gulzar Shah

Dr. Gulzar Shah of Georgia Southern University's Jiann-Ping Hsu College of Public Health joins the podcast to talk interoperability and informatics at the local level.

Podcast: Tropical Data and the role of informatics in eliminating trachoma

In this episode, Beck Willis describes the work ITI and its partners are doing to treat and eliminate trachoma worldwide.

Podcast: NYC Macroscope, EHRs and population health surveillance

Sharon Perlman of the NYC health department joins the podcast to talk all about Macroscope, the innovative population health surveillance project.

Podcast: Mark Conde on data quality, informatics degrees and how technology shapes public health practice

Mark Conde of Emory's Rollins School of Public Health shares his thoughts on new tech, higher education and what makes informatics so crucial.

Podcast: the storied career of Dr. Alan Hinman

This month, the podcast brings listeners stories from Dr. Alan Hinman, who is retiring from more than 50 years in public health service and teaching.

Podcast: How to explain informatics to your friends and family

Marissa Fond of the FrameWorks Institute describes some evidence-based informatics communications strategies.

Podcast: Whatcom County’s journey toward becoming an informatics-savvy health department

Nicole Willis of Whatcom County Health Department joins the podcast to share her agency's path to becoming an informatics-savvy health department.

Podcast: Minnesota’s e-health initiative and informatics in action at the local level

In this episode of the podcast, Cathy Gagné walks listeners through Minnesota's e-health roadmap.

Podcast: Vivian Singletary on informatics and "One Public Health"

In this podcast episode, Vivian Singletary talks about some of her favorite past informatics projects and the future of the field.

Podcast: Chicago's demonstration project for STI electronic case reporting

In this episode, Chicago's Cristal Simmons and Marion Tseng talk about how electronic case reporting has helped improve STI surveillance.