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June 29, 2017

Podcast: Tropical Data and the role of informatics in eliminating trachoma

Beck Willis (right) and I in the Task Force for Global Health lobby

One of the most exciting parts of hosting Inform Me, Informatics is meeting really interesting people and learning about their really interesting work. I first met Beck Willis years ago when we passed each other in the hallways of The Task Force for Global Health, but I didn’t know much about her work until I read a blog she wrote for the International Trachoma Initiative (ITI). Reading Beck’s blog made me realize there was a really interesting informatics project happening right upstairs!

In this episode, I speak with Beck about ITI and the work it’s doing with partners to treat and eliminate trachoma worldwide. We also talk about how the introduction of new technologies like the Tropical Data app have changed the way ITI does its work. Check out Beck’s blog “Ending a Plague with Smartphones” to learn more!

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