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August 14, 2017

Podcast: Therese Hoyle on the informatics behind immunizations

Immunizations are often considered the bedrock of public health work, and immunization information systems (IIS) are the essential, confidential registries that support immunization work. IIS can inform both individual clinical decisions and population health surveillance, and they have empowered public health work in immunizations for the last two decades.    

As you may know if you’re a regular reader of our blog, each year, PHII hosts CDC-funded training for new IIS managers. Therese Hoyle is a longtime veteran of IIS and a faculty member for that course. She is also perfectly positioned to comment on how IIS have grown and changed over time, and how the rapid evolution of technology has influenced IIS. Earlier this year, Therese kindly agreed to sit down with me after a long day of IIS new manager training to share a historical perspective of IIS and her thoughts on the informatics behind the immunizations. The resulting conversation painted a fascinating picture—and provides some crucial lessons learned for public health programs that may be embarking on a database-creation journey that echoes the early days of IIS.

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Piper Hale, MPH

Assistant Director of Communications