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March 1, 2016

Podcast: exploring immunization information systems with Mary Beth Kurilo

In this photo, Mary Beth is leading a training session for new IIS managers. This training was previously featured on the blog.

In a world where information—weather updates, live breaking news, traffic reports—is available with one tap on a smartphone screen, some people may take access to information for granted. But how is information accessed in public health practice? For example, vaccination against deadly diseases a key public health practice, but tracking and recording immunizations is more involved than you may realize.

“[IIS] is a really concrete, measurable aspect of public health where we can really look at how we're doing with immunizing the full population...and then using those data to make good health decisions.”

- Mary Beth Kurilo

In the newest episode of “Inform Me, Informatics,” we are excited to talk with Mary Beth Kurilo, MPH, MSW about Immunization Information Systems (IIS) in the U.S. Mary Beth is a consultant with the Public Health Informatics Institute, and also works for the American Immunization Registry Association. She worked at the Oregon IIS for eight years, and now works with different programs across the country. With over a decade of experience working in the IIS community, Mary Beth shared insights about the role of these systems in public health practice, and revealed examples of informatics in everyday life.

Listen in to learn more about how these information systems have developed over time, and why Mary Beth says they have a unique role in public health informatics! The podcast is also available on SoundCloud and iTunes.