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February 11, 2016

Podcast: Dave Ross on data sharing and informatics success stories

Dave and I often end up in front of microphones together! This photo isn't from the podcast recording session, but from last year's Task Force for Global Health holiday party, which we emceed together.

The newest episode of our podcast “Inform Me, Informatics” is now available on SoundCloud and iTunes! In this episode, PHII director Dr. Dave Ross returns to chat about key topics in informatics, from the benefits of data sharing to making the case for electronic health records. Dave also tells us some of his favorite informatics success stories.  

I’m grateful to Dave for being the podcast’s first guest, and I’m looking forward to future discussions with new guests. In the next episode, we’re joined by Mary Beth Kurilo, who will be taking us into the wonderful world of Immunization Information Systems (IIS). Tune in to learn about your immunization record’s journey from the doctor’s office to the data system—and beyond!

Want to learn more about the projects Dave mentioned? Visit the Informatics Academy or read about Project Optimize and IMATS.