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June 30, 2016

Podcast: Call-in show with Dave Ross

Dr. David Ross is back, and this time, he’s answering questions from you, our audience! Dave is the President and CEO of the Task Force for Global Health—you may remember him as the rocket scientist turned public health leader in our early episodes—and we asked him to reflect on questions about informatics and public health that our listeners provided.

This episode started out as an homage to Click and Clack of Car Talk, and while Dave and I may not be able to diagnose all your public health problems over the air, we did discuss parts of informatics work that often are overlooked—the importance of building relationships, how to make those data reports more actionable, and how big impact can be had by going local. We also had a blast recording it, so we hope you enjoy listening!

Many thanks to everyone who submitted questions for this episode. We couldn’t use all of the submissions, but they gave us a lot to think about for future episodes. This episode wouldn’t have been possible without you!

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