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October 3, 2016

PHII welcomes new Senior Instructional Technologist

PHII’s Informatics Academy is building a team of people enthusiastic about advancing education and training through technology. Kyle Dix is eager to do just that in his new position as Senior Instructional Technologist. In his role, Kyle will focus on developing fresh new learning materials for PHII projects.

A Georgia native, Kyle completed his studies at the University of Georgia in 2010, earning a bachelor of arts in Spanish and a bachelor of business administration in management. With two degrees under his belt, Kyle wasn’t always sure what career path was destined for him. He landed his first job teaching job readiness skills to Spanish-speaking adults learning English. He designed and facilitated a curriculum with a focus on technology proficiency, which later led him to finding his passion in using technology to enhance learning. His ambitions began to gel, and he pursued a career path in instructional design.

Kyle went on to spend four years as course coordinator for the University of Pennsylvania’s Operations and Information Management department, and he saw a dire need for learning management in the technical space. He served as the departmental administrator for all instructional systems, supervising learning management, content delivery and report grading systems for dozens of faculty and staff. He also organized and led training sessions that introduced faculty and staff to new financial systems and classroom technology. Although he loved his work in developing courses and training faculty, it was more meaningful to Kyle to initiate a project that would impact the entire organization: he introduced Instructure Canvas, a new learning management system that helped professors communicate to students and vice versa. Kyle led the migration and ultimately helped shift perspectives on the impact of learning systems.

“The beauty of instructional design is that I can reach out farther than just to the people in the room.”


“Eventually I learned that I don’t have to be in front of a classroom to teach people: I can do it through their knowledge of technology. I can still help people, train effectively and use aptitudes I have towards teaching by leveraging software and techniques that are succinct,” he said.

Later, Kyle became the learning and decision support analyst for the University of Washington Medicine Compliance in 2015. There he was primarily responsible for developing databases, creating web-based and instructor-led learning modules, and implementing processes and policies to establish consistent standards of use for developing technology via HIPAA regulations.

His experience at the University of Washington opened him up to the world of public health, and his desire to make learning more accessible led him to his current role with PHII. He’s excited to dive into international development, help the Informatics Academy transition to a new learning management system and continue to build effective course content—all while working with a motivated group of people who share his interests.

“The beauty of instructional design is that you can have a broad audience and reach out farther than just to the people in the room. However, I can do instructional design anywhere: what’s most important is that I pick a good group to journey with. I think I did that.”

Kyle’s biggest accomplishment so far? The simple things: getting married and being able to live and work in three cool cities—Atlanta, Philadelphia and Seattle—while still in his twenties. When he isn’t wearing his instructional design hat, Kyle enjoys Brazilian jiu-jitsu—he even started the jiu-jitsu club at the University of Georgia—martial arts, biking and baking bread.