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April 24, 2017

The Informatics Academy welcomes new Training Consultant

PHII’s Informatics Academy is pleased to welcome new team member, Quaneisha Robinson, who will be serving as a Training Consultant.

Quaneisha is an experienced trainer and curriculum designer—but she never expected to find a career in training. As a child, adults observing her helpful nature often advised her to consider being a teacher someday. Her answer? “Absolutely not!” But her career in training crept up on her little by little, and many years later, when her young daughter wanted to know what she did for a living, she listened patiently to Quaneisha’s description of workforce development and human resources training and then replied, “Oh, so you’re a teacher?”

“It was at that moment I realized I’d been bamboozled,” laughs Quaneisha.

This unexpected career trajectory got its earliest start in a beauty salon, where Quaneisha worked her first job as a teenager. She leveraged the customer service experience (and work ethic) from her salon years to land her next job as an AT&T customer service representative. Her quick uptake on the job led to her becoming a peer trainer for other new representatives—her first foray into the training realm. After rapidly progressing through roles at AT&T over the years, Quaneisha attended a job fair, and was hired on the spot by an aerospace company, for whom she began to conduct training and develop talent retention strategies. It was in this role that she truly cut her teeth in the world of professional training and educational theory—as Quaneisha calls it, “the knowledge behind the knowledge.”

The skills she cultivated over the course of her two years in this position catapulted her to her next opportunity as a training specialist and instructional developer for the Georgia World Congress Center Authority. This was Quaneisha’s first role in which her job responsibilities centered entirely on training. Over the course of this role, Quaneisha trained around 500 employees. Instead of being overwhelmed by the intensity and scale of these training efforts, however, she was exhilarated. Training, she discovered, really was her passion. “It’s nice to be able to help someone else attain their goals,” she says. By making the success of others her chief goal, she found herself flourishing.

“I recognize that my purpose in this life is to use my light to help other people shine. That’s what connects me to my community.”

- Quaneisha Robinson

In her next job working as an instructional designer for a global payment processor, Quaneisha took on her greatest challenge yet: building new training and continuing education curriculum from the ground up. In this role, she had the chance to practically apply many of the theories she’d absorbed over the course of her previous years in training—and was able to add curriculum design to her already robust training skills.

Over the course of her career in the corporate world, Quaneisha remained grounded in her community through volunteer nonprofit work, ranging from volunteering for Everybody Wins, a reading program for children, to serving as a leader for her daughter’s Girl Scouts troop. Giving back to her community in these ways has always been a major source of joy and fulfillment to Quaneisha. “It’s the recognition that the world is bigger than me,” she says. “I recognize that my purpose in this life is to use my light to help other people shine. That’s what connects me to my community.”

It was this connection that attracted Quaneisha to a job posting for the Task Force for Global Health and drew her away from the corporate world. In her time volunteering, Quaneisha was most struck by spending time with children and adults who didn’t have access to the resources she’d had, and she loved the idea of being part of an organization that would promote the health and well-being of people who have historically been overlooked.

In her new role at PHII and the Task Force, Quaneisha will be analyzing, designing and developing educational content for a variety of essential public health projects. In the near future in her role, Quaneisha’s training materials will be focusing on topics ranging from fighting antibiotic resistance to improving surveillance of STIs.

When she’s not whipping up new training modules for the Informatics Academy, Quaneisha enjoys spending time with her children, family and close friends—and hunting down the hottest new food festivals and live music shows nearby. “Music and food are the ways to my heart,” says Quaneisha. “I will travel for music and food.”

Piper Hale, MPH

Assistant Director of Communications