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March 27, 2017

The Informatics Academy welcomes new Training and Development Manager

As PHII’s Informatics Academy expands to reach a growing audience, PHII is pleased to welcome Brian Womack, MBA, CM, on board as Training and Development Manager. Brian will support the Academy’s mission to produce high-quality, learner-centered training materials. He brings to the role a wide range of professional certifications and 17 years of experience in senior learning and development positions.

When asked about his day-to-day work in training and development, Brian emphasizes the educational nature of his job: he gets to make learning enjoyable for his clients. As he designs products and systems to meet their needs, Brian empowers his clients with the tools to solve problems and meet project goals.

Brian’s passion for education makes his role with the Academy a perfect fit. Indeed, his enthusiasm for the program shines as he describes his new position. He points out, “At PHII, we are here to educate. Period. We’re here to educate people on public health, on all the different things that are available to them.”

"At PHII, we are here to educate. Period. We're here to educate people on public health, on all the different things that are available to them."

- Brian Womack

Brian first heard about PHII several years ago from his longtime friend and colleague Sarah Gilbert, MBA. At the time, they were working together at the Total Systems credit card service company. Brian visited the PHII team to learn more about their goals and he “absolutely fell in love with the vision and mission.” The welcoming and open office culture deeply impressed him, and he kept PHII in the back of his mind as an organization that could be a good fit for him.

In the meantime, Brian explored public health through a senior training specialist position at the CDC, where he helped implement a new online learning management system to cultivate skill development. He explained how the system worked, implemented trainings for trainers and resolved frustrations on those occasions when things didn’t go smoothly. It was his development role with WellStar Health System, however, that gave him insight into the differences between health care and public health. He noticed, “Health care is more targeted in communities, but public health is global.” The potential to make a positive impact on people around the world led Brian to pursue more work in the public health arena. A position with Deloitte was a logical next step.

“Health care is more targeted in communities, but public health is global.”

- Brian Womack

As a senior consultant, Brian managed a team of 27 instructional designers developing a blended learning approach and individualized training tracks for 65,000 people. His client was a world-leading health care provider planning to implement a new electronic health records system into its best practices. Brian gave his team feedback on product development and traveled weekly to visit his client. He led the project for nine months. Then Sarah, now with the Academy, reached out to him about an open training position at PHII. Brian is excited to contribute to the Academy’s resources. “The goal of improving health conditions around the world is amazing, and it’s something I’m very passionate about,” he says.

When Brian isn’t developing training materials, he enjoys traveling anywhere and everywhere he can, especially to his son’s sports games for basketball, football and soccer. Brian is a self-described voracious consumer of politics and a self-described history buff, with a Bachelor of Arts in history and political science from Tusculum College. And, in a nod to the brightly colored boxes of Girl Scout cookies that recently made their way around the office, Brian favors Thin Mints and the shortbread cookies called Trefoils—especially if ice cream is included.




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