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April 18, 2017

The Informatics Academy welcomes new Project Manager

As PHII’s Informatics Academy takes on exciting new projects, the team is pleased to welcome Michelle Mitchell, PMP, MIA on board. As Academy Project Manager, Michelle will assist the Academy with new and ongoing projects. She brings eight years of experience in project management and nine years of experience in policy formation and diplomacy to this position.

Politics, people and planning are some of Michelle's favorite discussion topics. She thrives on personal encounters with clients and colleagues. Michelle loves to hear people’s stories, learn about their challenges and incorporate that feedback into her work. Throughout her career in international relations and nonprofit project management, Michelle strives to improve systems and streamline practices to help make people’s lives better.

Michelle helped implement positive change at the highest level as a member of the Jamaican Foreign Service. In her roles with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Jamaica and as diplomatic representative of Jamaica to the United Nations, she reported on significant events occurring within Jamaica and other countries. She represented Jamaica in formal United Nations committee meetings, worked with the minister and country representatives to advance congenial relations between countries, and crafted policy to address country needs.

After serving for nine years in international policy at the highest level, Michelle was ready to learn more about the challenges affecting people at the grassroots level. “I wanted to be closer to the ground and to interact more with people on the ground,” she says. She decided to pursue work with Atlanta-based international NGOs focused on humanitarian work and development. A master’s degree in international affairs from Columbia University prepared her to make positive impacts in this arena.

Michelle’s career path crystallized when she discovered project coordination at CARE USA. Although she did not set out to become a project coordinator and “sort of fell into” the role, she quickly discovered that the responsibilities combined all her interests and utilized her professional strengths. “I’m an organizer and a planner at heart. I love international affairs and I love politics, so project coordination and management is a good fit for me,” she reflects. She helped her team at CARE launch a Sharepoint dashboard and a functional database to manage and coordinate 16 strategic initiative projects.

Michelle expanded on these skills as associate director of Habitat for Humanity International’s Global Programs department. She traveled to Slovakia, to Costa Rica and to Kenya to meet people who recently moved into safe and secure homes with help from Habitat’s sustainable housing initiatives. The trips energized her because she saw how her work was meaningful for citizens of developing countries. “What I do improves people’s lives. It might be a small thing, but I’m still making my contribution,” she affirms.  

“What I do improves people’s lives. It might be a small thing, but I’m still making my contribution.” 

- Michelle Mitchell

PHII’s friendly team members and strong emphasis on project management methodology attracted Michelle to the program. She became a certified project management professional in 2015 through the Project Management Institute, and she is excited to learn from and share ideas with other PHII project managers in their team meetings.

When she isn’t working on Academy projects, Michelle enjoys cooking, dancing, and listening to any kind of music. A self-described “epicurious” individual, Michelle is happy to sample new foods as well as Jamaican favorites. She enjoys time with her extended family members most of all—especially when they ask her to coordinate their itineraries for group adventures.  

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