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Informatics at the Intersection of Public Health Agencies and Accountable Care Organizations

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Public Health Informatics Institute
de Beaumont Foundation
January 16, 2015
Planning and development
This project sought to characterize the overlapping objectives of public health agencies (PHAs) and accountable care organizations (ACOs) in relation to improving population health outcomes. It focused on data integration and sharing as essential components of maintaining effective population health strategies. This project also sought to identify the potential synergistic roles between PHAs and ACOs that would streamline and improve their data collection efforts and enable data-driven decision making to improve health outcomes.
Funded by the de Beaumont Foundation, the Public Health Informatics Institute selected a convenience sample consisting of three sites, Arkansas State, Iowa State, and New York City, and conducted interviews in order to understand the overlapping goals of PHAs and ACOs in meeting the needs of and in improving health outcomes of their constituents. With this information, we aimed to identify the potential synergistic roles between PHAs and ACOs for exchanging data in order to streamline and improve data collection efforts, and in being ready for bringing about improved health outcomes. Additionally, we aimed to identify how PHAs will be better prepared to target prevention efforts related to chronic disease programs such as the Million Hearts initiative by receiving chronic disease data from ACOs, and how ACOs will be better prepared and more efficient in treating their constituents by receiving chronic disease data from PHAs.